Philosophical Counseling Presentation by Ilona Selke

Ilona Selke explains about the nature of consciousness and how it transcends time and space in philosophical as well as practical psychotherapeutic ways, as consciousness interacts with what appears to us as a 3-D reality, affecting change not only in the psyche but in the time-space matrix itself.

Understanding :Life from a larger perspective

Philosophical Counseling is a contemporary movement in practical philosophyy.

Developing since the 1980s as a profession practitioners of philosophical counseling ordinarily have a doctorate or minimally a master’s degree in philosophy and offer their philosophical counseling or consultation services to clients who look for a philosophical understanding of their lives, social problems, or even mental problems.

In the last case, philosophical counseling might be in lieu of, or in conjunction with, traditional psychotherapy.

The movement has often been said to be rooted in the Socratic tradition, which viewed philosophy as a search for the Good and the good life.

A life without philosophy was not worth living for Socrates.

Ilona Selke was asked to give a presentation on her work and path, which in part has been largely influenced by the work of Holodynamics, developed by Dr. Vern Wolf.

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