Women and Archetypes, Interview by Ilona Selke with Gaelyn Larrick & Alejandra Quintero

Join me on an interview with Gaelyn Larrick & Alejandra Quintero who help women discover the archetypes through play shops and photography.

In our daily lives we often times simply function within the structures of our modern society. Women mostly take on the role as a mother and nuturer, and more recently as a provider and householder.
Especially in the last 50 years women have increasingly expressed more of their masculine side. Sometimes so much so that they wish to discover more of their feminine side and the many forms of embodying their femininity.

There are many rich facets lying dormant within our subconscious that beg us to become awakened. Becoming aware of the archetypes within ourselves can facilitate enlivening aspects of ourselves.

We are not just neat little packages of bones and skin that know how to produce, how to nurture and how to make a living to provide for survival. We really are on a journey of evolution and we take on many different roles within our journey.

The simplest of journeys is the one of growing from childhood to adulthood to old age. The stage of being a young female , who is coming of age, slowly moving to maturity where she gives birth, and then moves into the stage of the wise old female

Each stage has its riches. Each transition can be treacherous. Working with the archetypes for each of the stages can allow us to move more easily through the time of transition.

Equally we might carry other archetypes within ourselves that over arc into other aspects of being alive.

We could be finding traits within us that wish to act like a priestess, we might feel the power of the Wolf, the wisdom of the owl, or some women might experience being the seductress. All archetypes teach us aspects of ourselves, aspects that wish to be discovered.

Discovering our subconscious yearnings through the lenses of the archetypes allows us to become a richer being, and find permission to express ourselves through many different forms.

Join me on an interview with Gaelyn Larrick & Alejandra Quintero who help women discover the archetypes through play shops and photography.

Alejandra Quintero is an Actress, Author, Divine Beauty Revealer and together with Gaelyn Larrick she leads workshops to discover the rich facets of the archetype within.

Additional information can be found at their website: http://www.embodythegoddess.com/

36576e_7f5396a238a346ab82e9d7af595bf222mv2_d_1333_1999_s_2 I have been an artist since I was a child, making paintings, sculptures and anything else I could create with my hands. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, USA, and based in Ubud, Bali I had been in front of the camera in my early years as a model, however now I find I have entered a new phase in my life, seeking more depth than just focusing on the external aspects of feminine beauty. I discovered that cultivating inner beauty amplified radiance. Having always been a bit of a mystic, coupled with having a deep appreciation of women’s empowerment work and healing and noticing that this was transforming how women were seeing themselves and the expression of their feminine essence, a new form emerged for me. My background as an award-winning graphic designer and artist allows me to employ my diverse skills to create photographic images for women that assist in their healing and that reflect many more depthful facets of themselves. Having been on a journey of healing and self-discovery my entire life, my deep desire is to create beautiful, archetypal artwork that supports women on their paths, allowing them to connect to their inner light, beauty and power. The feedback that I have received from clients is that this experience—both the photo shoot itself and the resulting images—created a powerful and permenant shift in their perception of themselves. Once they saw how magnificent they actually are, there was no turning away from it!oes here

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