Take Back Your Energy

This Interiew with Ilona Selke was part of  the Take Back Your Energy Summit


You can find out more under: https://energy.karenpreysnar.com

Today’s guest is Ilona Selke, an author, speaker and creator of a retreat center in beautiful Bali. Ilona helps people live an empowered life so they can turn their dreams into reality. Really!

Ilona talked a lot about “the holographic universe”, a fascinating concept she uses to explain how we’re able to create change from the inside that will ripple out into our reality. Wait until you hear her incredible story about being on a plane that landed where it wasn’t supposed to land…or did it?

Here are a few things you’ll get from today’s interview:

  • Clear steps you can take to help you evolve and grow…and thrive!
  • Simple but magical words you can use every day,
  • Tips for what to do and what not to do in order to manifest what you want,


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