Suzanne Wager, Ballet Soloist & Super Psychic in Interview with Ilona Selke

Suzanne Wagner, who was a Soloist Ballet dancer, and has danced with the likes such as Baryshnikov.
She turned super psychic at a young age,has been counsel to over 20 Hollywood stars, and on this show today she shares with us her insights, and suggestions from her life as a psychic.

She will share with us about how we are energy living in a physical body,  some simple steps you can take to shift upward and increase your intuition.

NOTE by Ilona Selke:
In the last 20 years  I have been privileged to have gotten my yearly readings from Suzanne Wagner, and she has been spot on, about all her predictions, and has hugely helped me in steering my ship. She has always knows details and facts in advance, which did turn out to be true, and her advice helped immensely to handle the situations masterfully.

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