ORPHANS of India – finding a Heaven at RAMANA’s GARDEN


The time to visit with the ROMANA’s GARDENS which is an orphanage as it’s publicly called or a place for the Un- XX – touchables to get school education.

India says they don’t have Untouchables, at least not in the public eye.
These children come from families that make less than USD40, whose parents live in plastic tents, and usually make a living by checking the trash to collect what can be salvaged and sold.

However this school is not yet permitted to have more than 8 grades. After that point the children have to go to regular school and pay tuition fees which their families can’t afford.

I donated my newly printed children’s book in HINDI, as well as the APP of the book, which includes 4 guided imagery exercises.
The book is called RAVI in Hindi and ALIN LEARNS TO USE HIS IMAGINATION in English.


The collaboration of the staff here at RAMANAs GARDEN, and the intelligence of these children was amazing. They are ahead of chiildren of similar age and grade I noticed. And what was more astounding, Deva Dwabha knows all of them by heart. She knows the story of each one of them, She knows who is a fast learner, who has what dreams.

Here is a girl,
Many times I was simply in tears either listening to the stories about the lives that they had lived, or watching them in action now. I made sure I shook the hand of every single one these children.

We all can make a difference, and if it didn’t happen this moment you can keep it in your heart and mind and will happen in the next moment.

In the world where everybody pursues their PURPOSE in LIFE, there are tens of millions of  UNTOUCHABLES. There are denied schools, doctors, bank accounts, and decent human life.

The PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS & FREEDOM are words for beings of a higher class.

Please help vision of RAMANA]’s GARDEN to stay alive and give hope to the UNTOUCHABLES.

Make a DONATION to: https://sayyesnow.org/donate/make-a-donation-2/

HOME to RAMANA;’s GARDEN: https://sayyesnow.org/

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