On a new moon, you can harness the power of a new begining.

Farmers knew that and planted their seeds with the New Moon, as the light and the pulling forces of the moon grow stronger as the moon becomes full.

So it is a good idea to write down your intentions for the upcoming month on New Moon and ask the universe for assistance in realizing them.  Remember, the universe is listening.

Set intentions for what you desire in this guided meditation by Thriive Global Ambassador Ilona Selke.

ALTHOUGH this meditation is dedicated to the New Moon, you can do this guided mediation excercies any time you wish.

It actually pays off to do this on a daily basis.
If it first you only find time and special moments to do imitation then do that.
But you may find that spending time in in a reverie, creating a blueprint of the successful tomorrow benefits you much more if you do it daily.

Bring a whiff of fresh energy into your life. Invoke the magic of manifestation under the power of the moon. Create an empowered new reality for yourself.


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