Interview with a Yogi- Premvarni Balyogi by Ilona Selke





Visiting Rishikesh the home of the Yogies, the Renunciates, the Sadhus, where the famous Beattle’s yogi Maharishi Mahes Yogi, who brought TM to America also resided, I feel the awe of ancient wisdom still hanging in the air.

Sunset over the Ganges River leaves me spinning in divine awe at the mystical wisdom that still remains in the ethers.

Many a soul has been searching for and reached illumination here at the banks of the Ganges, the Holy River by many seekers and teachers.

Premvarni Balyogi, a contemporary of Maharishi MaheshYogi,  who walked the streets of Rishikesh in the 1960s, roamed the jugles, lived for a decade in a cave, and lived total seclusion for 15 years, and who recently decided to build an Ashram overlooking the Ganges at age 85, was willing to share some of his wisdom on camera two years later.

Prefacing that the most sublime cannot be spoken about or even explained in words, he nevertheless was willing to speak with us.

We have visited with Premvarni Balyogi for the last three years, and over time we shared many serene moments of silence, of that which can’t be spoken about.

Framed by the many popular Ashrams featuring Advitaism, the mystical wisdom of a yogi is of a diferent kind.

Seeing to the Center of Creation and beyond, it is not a mental journey of discovery, nor denial of existence, but a journey of stillness, of beingness, and of divine bliss  within creation, as the created, to be witnessing the beauty of creation, and enter into Union with the Divine as the ultimate purpose of life.


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