Join me on this episode with a husband and wife team of around 67 years old  as they describe how they came to live outside the box, and succeeded in life when when starting with no talent, and how to create INTIMACY.

Let me give you a short sneak preview about what the husband shares  in the second part of the interview:
Intimacy is about feeling connected to the other person, that comes from entering another dimension of connecting. Listen to Ken how he shares his wisdom of how to move out of the regular I am right & you are wrong attitude.

And he says we find it beyond  our normal sense of self of who we are, a self which has bones and skin and hair, and learn to move into sensing the other person as if they are made out of energy.

In this interview both the husband and wife share how they live creatively.

How do you live in three homes across the planet, age gracefully, and keep your intimacy alive.
NOELLE who had her fashion boutique on the famous 10th AVE in London after boot strapping herself shares with us in simple to understand ways how she got started.
She shares with us how to dare to say YES, how to start when there is no hope, nor talent, and how believing in oneself. These are some of the key elements that we can glean from a woman who walks in grace and calls some enigmatic leaders of the world her friends.

Her equally creative and stunning husband tells us what he loves about their intimacy and how to keep the the flame of creativity and passion alive.
Together they create stunning jewelry that is fit for the queen at prices for mere mortals. More at

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