Join me on this great interview with film maker JAMES A. SINCLAIR of the movie WHAT IF – the movie and the upcoming movie THE GRAND SELF here on QUANTUM LIVING with ILONA SELKE on WBTVN


James A Sinclair is a visionary and the Founder of be INSTITUTE Inc., a company whose projects (Inspiring Movies, Transformational Seminars and other Inspiring Projects) are dedicated to the realization of humanity’s highest destiny. He is the Producer and Director of The Grand Self Movie and other inspiring documentary films that have garnered 7 internationally recognized awards from 2009 to 2014.

James Sinclair lives what he preaches! His belief in eternal life reflects on his face. As young as he looks, and some people mistake him for not quite yet 30, he has decades of life experience that he brings to the table.

His professionalism is matched by his true humbleness. His eyes beam with a real light that reflect the truth of what he teaches … he believes in the great WHAT IF… .that .all possibilities are open.
He believes in eternal life, and the fact that our focused consciousness can illuminate our physical experience completely beyond any limitations we ever believed in.

I had the great pleasure of having his presence here at Shambala Retreat Center in Bali ( for over a month as he was working on his new film THE GRAND SELF for which he interviewed me  and I got the pleasure to interview him in return for my TV show QUANTUM LIVING.

You know when you sit with great creative dreamers and thinkers side-by-side you realize that what makes them successful is in part the fact that they dare to DREAM BIG.
That’s of course the title of my upcoming new book – DREAM BIG – The Universe Is Listening-

But they also bring a dedication and focus to the table. James himself puts everything he has into his creative projects. He gives everything 100% attention and attention to detail.

He learns from previous mistakes, and doesn’t let anything get them down. He simply takes it is a great lesson to learn how to be even more effective.

I think that is what successful people do: They learn from mistakes and don’t get stopped. They get up and move forward toward their next big dream.

I was able to watch  into his daily routine of being in touch with the sunlight, the fire of life, the elements before you start to stay. I was able to witness how he gets up early in the morning to greet the sun, doing his KRYA YOGA exercises, filling himself with the natural energy that the universe amply supplies us with.
He took time to be in retreat, to gather his strength and his light, in balance with taking time to work.

That alone is a secret to life: Balance your work time, along with your rejuvenation time, and especially your FOCUS on your GRAND SELF.
Enjoy the interview with Jim A. Sinclair and my Q&A session to complete today’s fabulous 30 minute show on WBTVN.

yours Ilona


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