FUTURE PROOF YOUR BUSINESS – Interview with Ilona Selke

Look out! Across the globe, conventional wisdom is being thrown out the window. Rules that once made sense no longer seem to apply. This show is an essential guide to thriving in turbulence.
It’s packed with compelling real-world cases on how to remain competitive in these unprecedented times. Hosts Sharkey and Barrett share first-hand experiences, latest research and exceptional guest insights to future-proof your career and company. Can you survive?
Of course, you can.
But prepare now and act!
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Join the interview with Ilona Selke about
Using Quantum Physics to Get Ahead

Would you like to know how quantum physics and your consciousness can help further your career? Listen in with special guest Ilona Selke, best-selling author and seminar leader, for this fascinating interview of how to use your multidimensional mind to create an upper edge in your life and career. We discussed how to develop greater capacities of your super conscious and subconscious mind, merged with some understandings of the quantum physics principles. This show is broadcast live on Thursdays 5PM ET on W4CY Radio (www.w4cy.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (http://www.talk4radio.com/) on the Talk 4 Media Network.
LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE: NOTE: the first 8 minutes are of relavtive bad audio qualtity, but still audible. It gets better afer that.

We know that the head of a company will change the matrix of the company.
Eerily enough, CEOs have noticed that when they were in the company, the business ran well, and when they left or were replaced, even if due to retirement, the numbers plummeted.
Each head of a business influence the climate of the company, not only through the style and tone of their interaction but also due to unseen forces, much like Einstein called “Spooky action at a distance.”
Listen to Ilona Selke were she recounts some magical stories that accept will fire the laws of the universe that we might just live in.
Shifting the paradigm is what is required in our modern heads.  Not only businesses but every day delay persons can apply the magical shift in perspective and thereby create different outcomes.
Remember that when the earth was thought to be flat we did not have circumnavigation of the planet.  It was thought impossible.  It wasn’t until it was considered possible that we dared to experiment.  At least in our modern day era.
Likewise, you can start to be a trendsetter of a paradigm shift that will allow us to work as if unseen or forces from behind the matrix for helping us.
Become a conduit of higher frequency capacity, show the way and become a person who lives from vision.
For more information on how you can apply LIVING FROM VISION visit our website www.livingfromvision.com

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