From Rags to Riches – How one woman made all the difference – by following her heart!

Prabavati Dwabha once on her path to Hollywood stardom, followed the calling of her soul!
She has now been living and serving in India for over 34 years.

She currently runs the Orphanage school called RAMANA’s Garden – where children are given a chance for a new life.
Here the poorest and lowest ranking members of society in India who are not given schooling, health care are giving a chance to change their life.

She did not start out looking to be a Mother Theresa. It happened to her through her quest to find her soul.

She started her life looking for stardom in Hollywood, gaining riches and renown,
When she had everything and was living in Venice Beach CA, complete with the red sports car and the designer clothes, she found that she was missing a meaning in life.

In India, she hoped to find the magic pill. But what she found was greater than that. Her life took on the greatest meaning when she started helping others.
When other people retire, she gets up tirelessly to work and help these unfortunates.
These children are given a dream., a vision, clothing, education, respect, and love.

Welcome to PRABHAVATI DWABHA in this exciting interview of how she looked for meaning in life and found herself giving meaning to others.


And also be sure to watch the short Trailer about her Children’s Orphanage RAMANA’s GARDEN

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