Can we Dream up a Global Change?

Join me on this fascinating interview by Brian Westley Johnson with Ilona Selke on the subject of the global brain.
Can we collectively create changes by dreaming up a new future?
These will be some of the questions asked in the following interview:

Watch Interview here:


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Questions that will be covered are:

  • Ilona, let’s start with a recap of the manifestation process.
  • Do we, as individuals, play a role in global change?
  • Will you describe for us the relationship between the different dimensions of experiencing “life”? (this is the God/Universe, Soul, and 3-D experiences).
  • You talk about the concept of the “global brain” in your book.  What exactly is the global brain?
  • Does the global brain relate to a global community?
  • An important concept relating to the global brain is “collective navigation.” What is this concept?
  • So, does this mean that, at all times, people on the planet are collective navigating the direction of world affairs? So, it is important for us to learn how to manifest our dreams?
  • You talk about the difference between co-creating and ego-creating.  What is this difference?
  • In your book, you discuss the goal of learning to manifest and becoming a co-creator.  What is this ultimate goal?
Ilona Selke will share with yom some practical steps, inspiration and a special offer to share in creating a better world for yourself and the planet. Books by Ilona Selke at

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