Bridging Heaven & Earth Show with Ilona Selke

Watch Ilona Selke in an interview in 1996 with Allen abuot the power of consciousness and how dolphins taught her that we co-create our own reality.

Ilona is a teacher, musician, and mystic whose new book, “Wisdom of the Dolphins —Entering the World of Dolphins and the Dimensions of dreamtime”, is an extraordinary account of her telepathic communication with dolphins.

Hers is a story of connection, love, surrender, and the vast new possibilities available for all of us on Planet Earth.

Ilona has collaborated on various music CD’s that uplift and inspire such as “Himalayan Soul” which is featured at the Monroe Institute, with embedded Hemisynch Tones, as well as”Mind Journey Music” , “In One We Are”, and many more.


Bridging’s website is: Bridging’s International Healing Art Project website is:

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