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Creating miracles, teleportation & possibilities for the new evolving human with Ilona Selke ! https://youtu.be/upOk0zYynEc Tune into this fascinating and exciting quantum conversation with Ilona Selke and hear about what is possible for the new evolving human ! We discuss finding access to unity consciousness, communicating with the holographic universe...


Discover how to raise your self-esteem, grow your confidence and have amazing relationships by taking care of yourself. By listening to your inner voice, doing what really matters to you, you will automatically feel more satisfied, and be willing to give your best in any other situation in your life....

Aktiviere deinen Traumkörper

In diesem Interivew fragt BOOBY Jovanovic Ilona Selke wie wir Zugang in die anderen Dimensionen bekommen, so dass sich hier in dem HIER & JETZT unsere Vitalität anheben. Mehr Information zum Kurs Leben aus der Vision unter www.lavakademie.com Die kostenlose App zur täglichen Übunge gibt es unter www.ilonaselke.de Die LAV...

Reaching Freedom

space space "Train to enter the kingdom of heaven in your mind and you will live in the kingdom of heaven in your outer life"Ilona Selke Interview by Demetria of Ilona Selke about Dreaming Big This episode is about which daily steps we need to take to live according to...

Interview by Callin O’ Connor with Ilona Selke

Dream Big - The Universe Is Listening Ilona Selke speaks about the Shamanic Journey to understand the holographic nature of the universe. In this interview Callin O'Connor interviews Ilona Selke More about Ilona Selke at https://www.IlonaSelke.com More about Living From Vision at: http://www.lfvacademy.com More about Callin O'Connor at https://healingvisionaries.com/


Discover with Ilona Selke in the interview by Christina Wessendorf how we can move from power to peace. In this very interesting half-hour interview, Ilona Selke will share with you some powerful techniques how you can shift energies around in your life, so that you can let your authentic self...